Equal parts Petal and Feast, Amber is essential to all the things! What would we do without her? Seriously, what would happen? Amber heads up the Flower Field with Hannah in the week, & the food & flowers come the wedding. Often seen with a wheel barrow & pruning saw, or crate of Herritage Tomatoes, Amber  can whip up a flower chandelier or gallette faster than you can say canapes. Amber is our in house ex-vegan, has useful long arms and is a great holiday cheerleader. 



is equally at home with a spreadsheets as she is roasting a million peppers, scooping ice-cream or prepping flowers. She has revolutionised our office world, created client portals (!) & sorted our accounts. If you are getting married with Petal & Feast meet your new best friend, and what a best friend to have. Sally is always kind, smiley, reliable  & generally lovely. When she has five minutes, (winter!) she paints and draws.

SARAH lAwson



has been here forever. Since then her spatial awareness has improved greatly and she now knows more than 3 cakes fit in her car. Charlie wins the Long distance Clara Award for dedication to the Petal & Feast Cause, travelling all the way from Devon for a bit of wedding action. She is capable & doesn't faff around, having Charlie s like having the wedding SAS. She even swims in really cold water without flinching.  An excellent member of the gang and always up for a Petal & Feast jolly. 


The loveliest gang leader around. We all absolutely love Hannah - there is a reason the Petal & Feast Crew come from far and wide to do a wedding. She is brilliant at making everything gorgeous, delicious and fun, and can whip up a good time out of anything. Just the person you need to make all your wedding dreams come true. Unflappable in the face of making a flower arch magically stick to the side of a church with just a twist of wire and some cable ties, or cooking a banquet from scratch for a hundred. Other talents include casually growing a field full of flowers, leaving all her car doors wide open, and holidays. She is also very easy to make jump. There's nobody we would rather wash up a thousand plates with on a weekly basis. 

Lovely Sarah Lawson and Hannah have been friends since they were 13! The most organised person you will ever meet, how many people do you know who carry out daily airing cupboard rotation? She is a fab cook (with 200+ cookery books) & will usually be found in the kitchen, combining her two loves of cooking and organising, (airing cupboard rotation is more of a symptom than a love). She also manages to fit in being a teacher and talking, a lot. 


Sophie, Sophie, Sophie... Monday to Friday Sophie works for Fat Face, designing  menswear, come Saturday she becomes a veritable wedding fairy, one minute she'll be serving you a canape, the next she will be in hysterics with Sally, wheeling about the ice- cream bike. A sunny smile on her face and a hit with everyone, we are so lucky to have her in the gang.


When at home, we think of Kathleen making pavlovas in her beautiful kitchen, sleeping on a cloud, maybe stopping to smell a rose at her door, whilst carrying round her two baby bunnies in an arty wafty linen apron pocket, but when she arrives at the barn door, Kathleen Is Wedding Woman. There is no perceivable spinning-round-in-a-phone-box moment; but cool, calm, collected and conscientious, there is something so reassuring about Kathleen donning her pinny and briefing her charges on the Event Plan. We love her and are so pleased she is here!