Friendly, warm & cosy supper ideas. Think Smokey Fish Pie, Slow Roasted Garlic & Lemon Chicken, Spit Roast Lamb, a few sides, all served up at your table ‘family style’ for that casual, dinner with friends and a good laugh over a bottle of wine type atmosphere.



All of our food is made by real people & Ingredients are top notch and properly proper. taking you right from Canapes, all the way through to evening snacks. We don’t do raspberry jus or little circles of food piled up in a stack, we are at the plentiful and wholesome end of the spectrum. 

feed me!

Superior sussex spit roasts & barbeques

lesser spotted perfect plougman's

super suppers

Think big bowls full of fresh homemade salads, baskets of bread from our favourite bakers, meat from our butcher, homemade chutneys and sauces, and a good dose of Petal & Feast girls to help serve it all out to your hungry hordes. Perfect for your rustic, relaxed feel.

Simple and yet very effective. Whether the word Ploughman’s conjures up long lazy afternoons in a pub garden or a rustic meal unwrapped from a spotted hanky whilst working in the fields we think it is up there with the greats. Perfect for a laid back British vibe. We use local, award winning cheeses and artisan breads as the basis and work our way up from there. 

canapes / grazing stations & standing starters

Hungry people are grumpy people! Stop that before it starts! Guests are never happier than when being plied with tasty morsels and fizz, whilst catching up with old friends (and hopefully making a few new ones).

ice cream bike

Roll Up Roll Up! Everyone loves ice-cream! Perfect for keeping guests happy during canapes or to accompany your puddings.


What's a wedding feast without puddings? Choose from a whole host of sweet treats.