December 6, 2013

2013-12-06_005Last weekend, before our Christmas Wreath making course, lovely Jayne came along with me and the boys, foraging for ingredients, (the girls opted for warmth and friends instead and played at Kirstin’s). We are really lucky to have The Downs on our doorstep, and although I feel like a proper mother saying it, whenever you go you are always pleased you made the effort to get out there and get some fresh air. At the moment there are still a lot of copper leaves on the tree’s and there are berries a plenty – perfect for our Wreath Making. Jayne spent a morning ‘rusticly’ snipping and gathering seasonal pretty for the Christmas Wreathers to play with, and snapping away with her trusty camera. 


The day itself was actually really fun, I was a bit nervous but didn’t have time to get to into that and (of course) it was fine. Everyone who came along was really nice and up for having a jolly time. It’s the sort of this I would like, especially nice to go along to with a friend or two and make something, while chatting and eating cake / drinking tea. Doesn’t get a lot better than that. The Stove Room at Bignor was warm and cosy once we had lit the wood burner, the wood smoke and all the seasonal foliage made it smell extra festive.


What started with a pile of moss, a metal frame and reel of wire soon became a base, and with the addition of A LOT of ivy and greenery we had a lovely wreath. The berries, rose hips and hydrangea, etc. were the final touches.


Everyone’s were different – and everybody was so chuffed with their creations. It has been lovely to see peoples pictures of their festive front doors up on facebook and instagram. Big thanks again to everybody who came along on the day, to Jayne Sacco for these pictures (pretty, hey?), and to Bignor for having us along (again). Hope to see you again next year! Til then keep an eye out for other up and coming workshops we are hosting. xx



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  1. Lydia says:

    I had such a good time! Thanks so much Hannah, I love my wreath!! xx


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