Equal parts Petal and Feast, Amber is essential to all the things! What would we do without her? When not Petal & Feasting Amber is looking after her ever growing brood of lovely little people, drawing and illustrating and collecting junk, which Jamie, (her chap) just loves. Her arms are famously long and her spirit vegetable is the butternut squash. 




...has been working with us for the past few years and is equally at home with spreadsheets as she is with roasting a million peppers, scooping ice-cream or prepping flowers. At home she has two boys to exhaust, and extension to paint and a mountain of vintage fabrics to rummage through. When she has five minutes spare she paints, draws and makes.


(Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, she still Jenny from the shop). Jenny isn’t actually from the shop anymore and now spends her days looking after her lovely bambinos and osteopathing (people and horses). 

JENNY from the shop

SARAH lAwson



...has been here since the beginning. Since we started, her spatial awareness has improved greatly and she now knows she can get more than 3 cakes in her car. Charlie wins the Long distance Clara Award for dedication to the Petal & Feast Cause, travelling all the way from Devon for a bit of wedding action, she is properly capable, doesn't faff around and knows exactly where her towel is, (nearly all the time). 

LIZ - ADMIN QUEEN, pinterest guru.

Lizzy Lever Arch, Queen of forms, lover of bleach, friend of Word, formatting whizz; Liz helps out a day or two a week in the office. She is also a photographer and a lovely girl. She's made forms (for everything...). We have 'processes' (yep, really). She has generally made herself indispensable. We love her folders and tables and everything about her. Her Pinterest habit is incessant and her house always instagramable. She even has a pretty wire basket for recycling. In many ways we were Chalk and Cheese, but now we have rubbed off on each other a bit and the Chalk is a bit Cheesey and the Cheese a bit Chalky - just the sort of cross contamination nightmare that keeps Liz up at night.

Lovely Sarah Lawson and I have been friends since we were 13! She could be the most organised person you will ever meet. How many people do you know who carry out daily airing cupboard rotation? She is another fab cook and will usually be found in the kitchen, combining her two loves of cooking and organising, (airing cupboard rotation is more of a symptom than a love). She also manages to fit in being a teacher and talking, a lot. 


Sophie, Sophie, Sophie... Monday to Friday Sophie works for Fat Face, designing  menswear, come Saturday she becomes a veritable wedding fairy, one minute she'll be serving you a canape, the next she will be in hysterics with Sally, wheeling about the ice- cream bike. A sunny smile on her face and a hit with everyone, we are so lucky to have her in the gang.


Newly qualified midwife, experienced Petal & Feast girl. Any pregnant ladies, we'd love someone to have a baby at one of our weddings and have a midwife to catch it for you as well as the perfect bowl for its first bath...