May 13, 2014




When we first started back in 2008 as ‘The Tea Set’, we did quite a few wedding fairs; they were, on the whole, pretty awful. Girls in white dresses with cheap satin sashes did loops of a fairly boring hotel, balloon arch ways (that actually look like a string of DNA or a disease under a microscope) lead you from one uninspiring area to the next, diamantes stuck into the middle of a roses – because flowers are nice and all, but isn’t it a shame they don’t have a fake diamond stuck in them somewhere?  These are not a few of my favourite things. There’s a lot of wedding-tat out there, a lot, loads in fact. It wasn’t my bag. After spending quite a bit of time (and money) on them we decided that we weren’t going to do them any more as the cost and hassle factor out weighed the bookings we got from them. Since then there has been a reincarnation of wedding fairs – where rank chair covers are banned and there is more to ‘Your Special Day’ (cringe), than the chocolate fountain. 




So, this weekend we loaded up the van with cakes, china, flowers and gals and headed off to Brighton Centre to run the Tea Shop and tout our wares at Belles Quirky Boutique Wedding Fair. We met some lovely couples but also some lovely other suppliers. Dorris Loves was there with her BIG light up letters – she also does chair covers, made out of old flowery fabric. We have been sending people her way for those so it was nice to actually meet her. Tentario were there talking to people about their Tipis and hopefully we will be working together on a lovely sounding local wedding coming up. Nitty Gritty was chatting away to lots of couples under a sea of brightly coloured lanterns. There were a couple of stationery designers – with no horrible bows and crystal combinations and various bands – Rough Chowder were my favourite with a blue grassy thing going on. So, the moral of this story? If you too have been scared off by an awful wedding fair, perhaps give them another go? You can always hide in our Tea Shop. Keep an eye on Belles Events to see what’s coming up.




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