March 23, 2015

On our recent-ish trip down to Devon with The Gang, for our inaugural Petal & Feast staff do , there were prizes, prizes for everyone as they all have their very own own super-powers. Amber won the prize for being Practically Perfect in Every Way, just like Mary Poppins. She is fun, oh so creative / open minded (!), she’s a capable sea of calm, pretty damn organised and kind and thoughtful, as a side line she’s so bloody beautiful and a total cloths horse (even though all she seems to eat on shed-days is pastry, and there are a lot of shed-days in Summer), ¬†and just all round bloomin’ lovely, so nice that you can’t even not like her for being so perfect. Not content with ALL THAT (which lets face it is quite a lot), Amber has been busy on her own (very) personal project…


she also has antlers cos she’s that hip.


picturesque seasonal foraging look


oh, and of course she has a lovely bike too.


getting her pastry fix in when and where she can


nice wellies, colour co-coordinating door, that’s Amber chic.


Apple gazing


Ambers Prize from The Awards – Personalised super hero pregnant pants.

On April fools day Amber will text us all and tell us she has had her baby. We won’t know if she’s telling the truth and we will all be squealing and wondering if she is just doing a brilliant April Fool Day trick, or has actually had it. It’s exciting – and not long now! Have no fear, she will be coming to a wedding near you soon. An emergency breast pump will be in the ‘Useful Box’ just incase, and she may have a baby in tow some set up days, but she has a handy local Mum (yay!) and a lovely Jamie (who will also be great), together they will all be a lovely, Practically Perfect in Every Way little family. Good Luck Amber! We can’t wait to meet the newby, and know that this will be just another thing you turn out to be great at. (Sounds sarcky, but actually isn’t, we do all really love her!)

May the force be with you Amber,

Lots of Love, from The Gang xxx



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  1. Jayne Sacco says:

    Good luck Amber. XXX


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