September 23, 2015


Make friends.

Choose a florist you actually like! By using someone on your wave length you’re much more likely to get what you want. They will understand your ideas easily, and know what you mean! Since weddings can be fairly stressful time, it would be nice if you actually got on!


Pinterest is not only the place up-cycling ideas go to die, when it comes to weddinging it’s also a really handy way of gathering your thoughts. To understand what our couples are after we get them to do us a board and label each picture with what they like about it, is it the shape? is it the colour? is it a particular flower? Be ruthless with this board and cut out anything you don’t really love. Your florist should be able to give the look or feel you want, and may be able to use a more suitable, less purse dissolving alternative to something you’ve ‘pinned’ or seen on Style Me Pretty. Remember: Pinterest is great for inspiration but you probably don’t want a carbon copy of someone’s bouquet.

Go Seasonal (or go home.)

Working with the seasons and being flexible on the actual flowers used will make your money go further.  As a rough guide, seasonal  flower colours tend to go from springy pastels, through to summer brights and on to the more earthy tones in autumn. You could bring in the season by snipping some bits from family, friends and neighbours gardens or even go foraging. If you are really dedicated (or have a mum who is) you could grow your own.


To jam jar, or not to jam jar…?

your venue, look and budget will all help determine how and where you use flowers. Sometimes it is better to have a couple of big statement piece like a garland or urn somewhere rather than lots of smaller pieces. Put flowers where people will be for long enough to see them. Jam jars on long trestles give an easy going ‘just picked’ feel, and are suitable for barns and marquees but look out of place somewhere more formal.

I’ve got secateurs and I’m not afraid to use them… 

Fancy getting your creative, green-fingers out and giving your wedding flowers a go? Great! We offer a DIY Brides service where we do buttonholes, bouquets, flower crowns, etc. and supply you with buckets of flowers to do your tables.

You could speak to a florist and see if they run any workshops or classes that could help you. We are running various courses to help our DIYers. Email to be kept up to date with our future flowery workshops.


Petal and Feast love flowers, our style is ‘gathered’, natural, wild and countrified. We love to use seasonal locally grown flowers where possible. If you are looking for diamonds in your gerberas or glitter on your carnations, sorry but we probably aren’t for you, if not we would love to hear all your flowery ideas.

Last but not least – don’t forget to have a look through our flower gallery and keep an eye on our instagram for lots of flowery goodness.

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