Possibly our most (ancient) cultured team trip to date, the Petal & Feast gang were in Rome this time last year. We were only away for a few days but we really packed it in. January is much easier to soldier through if there’s a lovely trip planned for the end. To cheer ourselves up this […]

Team Trip to Tossa

October 24, 2023

If you have read the 2-part epic, Marrakech Holiday Blog written by our beloved Liz, you’ll know that it’s a hard act to follow. This is a rather different post, written by someone who isn’t terrible at holidays (Sorry Liz). It contains no mild peril or fear for life/kidnapping/rabies/snakes…etc etc, and as such there is […]

For most, a free trip to an exotic, vibrant land filled with wonder and promise and not to mention fabulous shopping opportunities would be considered a good thing.   It was that time of year again where Hannah generously and kindly booked our annual Petal & Feast Work’s Do and attendance by all was viewed favourably. […]