October 25, 2013


I can’t tell you how many lists ‘get some food pics’ and ‘remember photos of the gang’ has been scrawled on. At weddings things are always too hectic to get round to it, we are lucky if in between doing things I remember to take the odd iPhone snap and instagram it.

Luckily this whole new website thing has shaken up a few things and finally some of those things scrawled on the end of other lists have grown legs – this one even got its own Pinterest board! Having chatted it through with Jo Brown, along with other shoots-we-want-to-do, a date was put in the diary. We booked the beautiful Bignor House as the location (if you are looking for a lovely wedding venue in Sussex you should definitely take a look at this one). Soon instead of being a scribble at the bottom of every list we ever write it became the heading of its very own list.


Having managed to get there with out running over any of the suicidal pheasants, and after a quick tour of the gorgeous gardens with Louise who runs Bignor, we started on the food side of the shoot. The plan was this:

Step 1) Set it up

Step 2) Photograph it

Step 3) Eat it

Good plan hey? We thought so…



After faffing about with lettuces, buggering about with bread we found our groove! The photos Jo took are perfect. Just what we wanted – she is a clever, creative, bobble-hatted lady – if you are getting married you need to get in touch with her, her work is always beautiful and she is lovely to hang out with too – right up our alley.

Step 3 was a breeze and we stuffed ourselves with hunks of bread and cheese whilst we waited for the girls to turn up…. (and then some more whilst we waited for Jenny to find us… then some more whilst Jo went to look for Jenny).

Step 4 was the Meet the Gang photos. This was a right laugh! It was great to see how Jo works in this bit – she’s really good at making everyone feel at ease and not too much of a twit. Pootling around the gorgeous gardens and pretending / imagining they were ours to waft about in, we were all in our element. Amber trailed her pretty bike around with her. I think it actually rather suited us – if anyone out there is looking to give away a country pile, please, look no further, I’m sure I can help you out.


This post is mainly to say a MAHOOSIVE Thank You to Jo Brown for being bloody brilliant and coming up with the goods! She has made some really beautiful pictures. They are just perfect and really capture the spirit of what we are like and how we roll. Also thanks to the girls who could come along, for humouring me and getting in the zone. Last but not least thank you to Louise at Bignor for having us their and letting us play house.


All photos here are by Jo (obviously) you can also see them through out the site – on our Meet the Gang page – if you haven’t looked there yet you should, as you get the low down on all the gals and their weird ways, they are also in our Meet the Gang Gallery – which you need to look at as there are loads more pictures there. Our lovely foody pictures are in the Catering Gallery.

Thanks again Jo for all you hard work and helping me finally cross this off my list!





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  1. Kathryn says:

    Lush. Looks yum! Great photos and WOW! What a brilliant website. Love love love. I shall be sure to share with my clients 🙂

  2. Oh, I am so hungry not looking at all of this amazingness! LOVE!! xx

  3. Denise says:

    Everything about this is enticing & lush.


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