January 7, 2014

As my train pulled in on my way to meet Anastasia for the first time, I got this text message. “…. Just so you recognise me, I have long blonde hair and a chihuahua with a red coat.” … Amazing!


Anastasia is an amazing painter. You should definitely look up her work. She is a proper artist, the sort of artist I thought I would be when I was little (although I remember thinking I would combine it with being an air hostess because of the holidays!), obviously I lack the amazing talent she has, too. We got on well from the start. The plans developed and changed a bit as we went along, but what Anastasia and Pinky ended up with was a beautiful service and reception at Old Finsbury Town Hall. We loaded up and headed for London Town. Driving in to London always worries me – but we had Kirstin, the human SatNav to get us there – which is just about as good as it gets directions-wise, (we also had George who is almost as far away from a human SatNav as it is possible to be!).


With a SatNav, two iPhones (and Kirstin) between us, we made it, pretty much on time, and set about setting up for the day. Anastastia had chosen a vintage tea menu, all to be served up on our vintage china. She had also asked us to do her wedding cake, a stacked Victoria sponge with fresh flowers and her wedding flowers. Anastasia wanted soft cool pinks and blues, we used peonies, David Austin roses, ranunculus, bluebells, forget-me-nots and delphiniums.



Congratulations & Thanks for having us Anastasia and Pinky. Big Thanks also to (award winning!) Sassy of Assassynation for letting use use these photos of the day (and for nipping out on a mercy mission for extra butter in the morning. You are a star!). xx



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  1. SUCH a cool wedding, the flowers were drop dead gorgeous. As were the cakes!


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