Lovely Lizzle Drizzle

March 13, 2014


Lovely Lizzy Lever Arch is my right hand (wo)man. She is brilliant photographer and generally a really lovely girl. Liz started with me just over a year ago, the first thing we ever did was paint the backdrop for The Blogcademy photobooth. It took up the whole kitchen floor, and she tiptoed over it in her socks, paint brush in hand, avoiding the wet paint of the turquoise and grey triangles. She probably thought that it was a bit of a weird admin job since there was no mention of painting in the job description, or infact a job decription. If she had employed her there would be a job description. Since then she has made herself totally indispensable. There is no subject left un-discussed as we sit and type emails. I know we take the micky out of her, for her love of  bleach, hand sanitiser, and anti bac’, but I wouldn’t change a thing. She has revolutionised all things – sorts out invoices, checks and rechecks Event Plans. We are polar opposites in lots of ways, but get on like a house on fire. When she was at school she was in charge of everything – she actually went in early to get all her jobs done (I know! Can you believe it!?). She was weather monitor, something else monitor, she monitored everything – she was almost staff. Quite different to my school-life, which was mainly Art room based, with zero monitoring. We don’t know any of the same music. Her car is immaculate. She monitors illness so diligently she could probably go in to medicine. If it weren’t for Liz and her filing, lists, and whole hearted encouragement, I don’t know what I would do. Thanks Driz, you are ace.

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  1. Lisa Devlin says:

    You lesers…. 😉

  2. Oh Spanjo, wuv wuv wuv u xx

  3. Jayne Sacco says:

    Just seen this. A year on and you make formidable team! Love both you girls!


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