October 22, 2014


Here at Petal & Feast we have a pretty amazing gang. If you haven’t already – you can meet them here. They are all hand picked for their special powers… Amber has her extra long arms, great for reaching things and putting the canopy on the ice-cream bike! She is also very lovely, capable and an all round doer. George – though she often has little idea where she is in relation to her house, is almost a professional feeder, she has a longgggg list of reasons why you should definitely have that extra piece of cake. Kirstin & Jen are our go to champagne pushers – they are also seasoned pros. great at sorting things out, loading the vans, setting up a lemonade station faster than you can say ‘stripy – straw’. 

Although we have a fab’ team we are always interested in new recruits. Apart from long arms (!), which we have got sorted, these are some of the things we look for in a Petal & Feast member…At the moment we would especially like to hear from people who have waitressing / bar /events experience or those of you who have a love of cooking and experience cooking for crowds. If you have the relevant Food Hygiene  that would be great but this isn’t actually essential as we can get this for you.

1) You would need to be 100% reliable, we really can’t have any hang-overs, anyone that lets us down at the last minute – unless your head has fallen off, you have gotta be there. 

2) You have to be friendly and confident – chit chat and banter goes perfectly with Pimms.

3) Being able to drive is pretty damned important – getting to far flung barns and fields is difficult if you don’t have transport. 

4) Hard – working, this isn’t all pretty dresses and wafting around, there is a lot of van loading and doing that happens before you get to the pretty dress bit.

5) Flexible & Capable – really flexible, it’s all hands on deck at a wedding. Everyone helps with everything and stays til it is done!

6) Open mind / Creative disposition. 

7) Able to work weekends.

If you think you would make a great gang member please send us a bit about yourself. We don’t need a CV, but do want to know all about you! What you like and what you don’t, etc., any experience you have in this kind of thing, What do you do with yourself…? If you think you can handle the kitchen banter of us lot drop us an email.

 photos by Joanna Brown

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  1. Michelle Essam says:

    Hi Hannah…
    I would LOVE to work with you all xxxx
    Love Michelle x

  2. Sarah Watson says:

    Hi, I’ve heard alot about you recently from a friend that will be hiring you out for her wedding next year. I’m a chef/cook on and off for about 15 years. I’ve just made my new buisness card ‘culinary delights’. I’ve organized groups of people to waitress,serve, clean up and prep food for large events which I have also done the catering for. I’m a hedgerow herbalist and a P.A and soft landscape gardener for my husband and my landscaping company ‘earthworks’. I’m wanting to expand with the catering side. I’m catering for some buffets at the moment and I try to make as much of it by hand. I hope to hear back from you soon and speak further about what I could perhaps offer you. Regards Sarah

  3. corinne irvine says:

    hello ladies…
    about me…..
    I am mum to 4 boys, the silver fox [husband] and small pooch…

    I work 9 days a month as cabin crew for BA….I am 1st class and economy trained….so can turn my hand to any kind of event….[formal and informal]…

    In previous manifestations of my carreer!!..

    While at uni[long ago] I had a vintage clothing stall at a flea market in Glasgow……waitressed at the Ivy in London…had a shop in Brighton selling vintage finds along with hand knitting and new with a nostalgic quality…I also had an outside catering business with a friend[quite small] in London in the early 90’s…..

    I travel all over the world with my p/t job and love finding new thrift shops , flea markets, yard sails and dragging it all home. At home I love going to the antique fair at Ardingly with my willies and a picnic….

    I am a hoarder….clothes ,bunting, maps, china and a particular favourite are glass cake stands.

    I love cooking and baking and making soups…my boys tell me I am a “feeder”…I think they secretly love it as I chase them round the house with a new cookie recipe….

    Your gang seems like quite a cool ‘lil’ gang and I would love the chance of becoming a member…

    I drive and I am very flexible and can work at short notice if required. I hope to hear from you and may even see you at
    in Upper Beeding this weekend.
    Best Regards
    Corinne Irvine.

  4. ccorinne irvine says:

    Hi Ladies…
    just sent you a lil bit about me as I am hoping you let me join your ‘gang’
    Thought I would give you my no as well…
    0780 489 1937.


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