February 10, 2017

Liz amongst the Hollyhocks – Photo from honorary Petal Sacco Photography.

Petal & Feasters, past and present will know Liz as our Admin Queen, our Health and Safety Executive, creator of the Mega Form and Invoicing Guru. They may also have had an email with the sentence “I’ll be emailing you about dull things like Terms and Conditions and Invoices, I am actually a fascinating individual, but sadly you may never get to know that side of me”. So, in the interests of transparency and full disclosure here are some things you may not know about Liz.

2013-10-03_0011) Liz is an indispensable member of the crew, the beating heart of Petal & Feast HQ, we love her forms, processes and organisation, nearly as much as we love her.

2) Previously, Liz worked in proper offices with departments and photocopiers and little blue walls between the desks. Over the past few years she has whipped the office into shape, and moulds and guides us on all things admin, a little like a organisational missionary. Basically we all work for Liz (and Sarah Lawson, but that’s another post all together).


Ruby Roux Shane and Justin

3) When we don’t have Liz gaffer-taped to her chair here, she is Ruby-Roux, wedding photographer extraordinaire. ¬†She know’s the Secret Barn pretty well, if you are looking for a photographer you should get in touch. (Here’s one of her photos from the Barn, above).

4) It’s really fun showing Liz anything rank and / or filthy… we have exploited this so much that she has not only built up a tolerance to filth and depravity, but she now also won’t open pictures or files I send her, in case of inappropriate content.

Below, Liz squeezing her boob, beautifully captured by Jayne Sacco.


5) Liz loves Pinterest, she has 11,437 pins (and counting). Her kitchen is super posh, (the interior design baby of all 11,437 pins).

6) Liz and Sophie love a power ballad, if you ever need Micheal Bolton sung at you, (with hand gestures) you know who to go to.

7) She is also weirdly good at the piano – claiming to just be ‘naturally gifted’ in that dept. Here is Liz and Soph (below), when they are together they basically cackle and giggle constantly.PAF -9

8) Liz really wanted to visit Cabbot Cove, where Murder She Wrote was based, but now she has gone off the idea.

9) Liz has got an electric bin. The lid opens when you wave your hand over it and it puffs the sweet scent of meadow flower into her kitchen.

10) When we did a wedding in France Liz made us a ‘Pink Folder’ to take, in it was all sorts of useful information, including a picture of the house we were staying in, circled with ‘Your house looks like this’. We all took the piss but it was actually really useful and after hours of trying to find the address, we actually did drive around the countryside looking for a house that looked like the picture.



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  1. Jayne Sacco says:

    We all need a Liz in our lives! X


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