October 3, 2023

Emma and Sam were such a joy – their wedding was filled with colour, love, food and flowers. Their friends were fun and cable tied them out of their bell tent. The napkins were dyed bright flamingo pinks and oranges. The DIY touches of tassels and hand embroidered bookmarks were above and beyond. (We all wanted a bookmark!) The sun shone. It was perfect.

We loved the flowery brief from Emma & Sam – ‘full of colour & joy’, it means so much to be given trust and freedom from our couples. We can then use the best of our homegrown flowers and foraged foliage and really let loose! They went big with the flowers and almost had the full whammy with A Flower Arch, Ladder above the bar, 3 Floral Chandeliers, Table Flowers, DIY Buckets, Bouquets and Buttonholes. Full of pinks and oranges, late summer gorgeousness from the field. We especially loved their big wild flower arch in the Ceremony Barn, it made a beautiful backdrop for some of the best photo’s we’ve seen in ages! Emma & Sam in their flower bower.

The Secret Barn

The had a great canapé menu too: ‘Light & Spicy’ with delicious Watermelon, Mint & Chilli Skewers, Edamame Beans, Thai Fish Cakes and our all time favourite Mango, Chilli & Lime Mini Tartlets.

We made them a scrumptious, seasonal dinner, wheeled the ice cream bike out for pudding and waved them all off to bed after a merry evening of dancing and chatting round the fire.

Thanks Emma & Sam for your trust and great enthusiasm!

Emma says:

“I don’t have enough good things to say about The Secret Barn or Petal & Feast.

The barn is beautiful. Obviously. Festooned in so many fairy lights it’s quite lovely on it’s own, but the offer of 2 days to set up (and 2 to take down) was brilliant so we could personalise it for our day. Only having one wedding a week makes everything feel so much more special. It is not a factory where they churn out weekday weddings at discount rates, every wedding is given a sense of importance. I think this is quite rare in the enormous industry.

The Petal & Feast team were perfect from the beginning. They answered our daft questions with humour and humility throughout our 2 years of planning, and were just excellent.

During set up, on the Friday, they popped over to tell us they had finished our floral ceremony arch and I have to say I cried when I saw it. Can’t give much more of a compliment than that really. Proper emotion. It’s also important to note that those flowers were mostly cut from their own field next door to the barn. Can’t get much more eco friendly than these ladies.

Having a company that does the food and flowers seems too good to be true… they were exceptional at both but with half the fuss and faff. The whole thing was effortless. They offer lots of tips and advice and we took as much as we could because they seriously know their stuff. They’re just great. A quick example, our colour scheme was pink and orange- so they added in beetroot in to one of the dishes so it would match. Above and beyond even with the little things.

Our brief to them for the flowers was ‘full of joy ’and good grief did they deliver. Can not get over how perfect the day was. Full of wild and gorgeous flowers and so much great food in a wonderfully relaxed setting.

We would not have done a single thing differently and we can not thank them enough.”

Photographer Nicki Shea Photography

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