Wedding suppliers we love: Beautiful Bells Appreciation Post.

October 30, 2023

We’re always pleased to see the fleet of Beautiful Bells vans roll on into the farm yard on a Friday morning. The happy faces of Katrina, Steve and the crew popping in to make tea while they put up a perfect curve of tents in the camping field. Kindred spirits, they, like us, love a good holiday, spending their winter gadding about in a camper in Europe, or casually recreating ‘Race Across the World’. But come spring, they pop up again, (heavy!!) tents in hand, erecting away. It’s a mystery how they manage to fit everything in those vans, whipping out real bed sheets, rugs, the odd house plant and bunting as required. They are such a lovely bunch, and seriously good at what they do.

So, why should you book them, and not someone else that has some bell tents…well…

Number one: Katrina, super organised and on it. Got a glamping problem? Katrina is your girl.

Number two: Fancy Beds – seriously ask Katrina about the fancy beds they have and why they have those ones and not other ones.

Number three: Fancy Booking System – Katrina makes each couple a page that their guests can log into and book / pay for their tents.

Number Four: Not Camping? What about a chill out tent.

Number Five: Not sure if you want a ‘plain tent’? No problem, what about a fancy coloured tent? or go full boho with an Indian Silk Saree lined tent…

We love to wave our couples and their guests off at the end of the night as they meander over the bridge into the field to get all tucked up in their cosy cosy tents. Always a little bit jealous of that short commute home. Perfect festival vibes, in a luxury glamping kind of way – not a sweaty too hot/too cold eurohike tent in site.

We love working with the Beautiful Bells lot, so selfishly, if you Secret Barn Campers could book them in that would be great. Although with rave reviews from couples and guests alike we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. One day we are going to get them to set up camp for us.

Picture of tents / Katrina from the lovely Elizabeth Ruby – Ruby Roux Photography

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