Sussex wedding suppliers we love: Incredible Irene

March 12, 2024

We’ve been interviewing a handful of our favourite wedding photographers, to find out what they love most about shooting weddings at The Secret Barn.

So if you’re trying to decide on a photographer, or looking for some good old fashioned wedding inspo, keep an eye out as we’ll have more coming, when they’re in!

First up, lovely Irene. always super nice and smiley, really good at twinkly lights and capturing happy, joyful moments, we’re always pleased to see her at the Barn. She has a brilliant instagram account that you should all go and follow immediately. 

Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Irene, I’m a pocket-sized wedding photographer based in Brighton and I’ve been photographing people in love for over a decade. Besides photography, I’m obsessed with dachshunds, brutalist architecture and all things crafty.

What do you like working with Secret Barn couples?

Despite having photographed numerous weddings at The Secret Barn, the experience remains refreshingly unique. Every celebration exudes its own charm and character.

I’m particularly drawn to the way Secret Barn couples infuse their personalities and stories into every aspect of their wedding day (it definitely helps that the venue itself offers endless possibilities for creativity and personalisation!). More importantly, The Secret Barn seems to always attract really laid-back and kind-hearted couples, qualities I value greatly in my clients.

What’s your favourite thing about The Secret Barn?

There are many things I love about The Secret Barn, beyond its warmth and authenticity that sets it apart, the Petal & Feast team is absolutely incredible at what they do. Amidst the beautifully adorned barn and delectable dishes, there’s always a contagious sense of joy. In essence, The Secret Barn is more than a venue; it’s a hidden treasure brimming with wildflowers, good food, and kindred spirits.

Beautiful pictures taken and chosen by Irene.

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