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March 9, 2024

The Secret Barn has more to offer than the name suggests. Tucked away on a real working farm, down a winding lane, you and your guests have plenty of places to enjoy. 

As always, shout outs to some fab photographers. Irene Yap Weddings, Elizabeth Ruby Photography, Jo Thorne, Olive Joy Photography & Fern Rose

Irene Yap Weddings

Elizabeth Ruby Photography

Elizabeth Ruby Photography

Jo Thorne Photography

The Orchard.

Full of old apple trees with moss & lichen on their branches, covered in blossom in the spring and heavy with apples in the late summer. Couples dreaming of being married outside under the open sky choose to place benches on the grass and have their ceremony here. A doorway through the old brick wall acts as a perfect backdrop for an outdoor flower arch, for a grand entrance or a backdrop for your ceremony. 

Fern Rose Photography

Irene Yap Weddings

Irene Yap Weddings

Our beautiful wonky Ceremony Barn is actually the oldest barn on site, it gives tiny church atmosphere in spades. With all the millions of fairy lights hanging from the rafters and more scope for floral installations, lots of our couples choose to be married in here. There’s also no worry about weather (too hot, too windy, will it rain?!), so if that would keep you up at night before your big day – we would definitely suggest the Ceremony Barn.

Olive Joy Photography

Irene Yap Weddings

Elizabeth Ruby Photography

Irene Yap Weddings

The Party Barn

The Main Event. This is where you will eat your main meal, and after a speedy turnaround – where you will dance the night away and where the Bar will be in the evening. Our big beautiful secret barn has all the charm of a proper barn. There are cracks and gaps in the wall, it hasn’t been modernised or tampered with! With space to seat up to 110 and standing room for 150 – there is all the space you need to hold a big, proper party.

Fern Rose Photography

Olive Joy Photography

Jo Thorne Photography

The Lawn

Nothing transitions so seamlessly from day to night. Your guests can nibble on canapés and enjoy a glass of something fizzy in the afternoon – some of our couples bring lawn games or sofa’s and chairs, once even playing a full game of cricket in the adjoining field. There is a terrace outside the barn doors and a big lawn to really spread yourselves out on. By night, the festoon lights are lit up, the tables are brought outside onto the terrace, for everyone who likes to chat and drink outside, the fire bowl is lit for toasting marshmallows and sitting about on haybales. And obviously you need sparklers. 

The Shack

The Shack is our newest addition and honestly we don’t know how we lived without it! It was made using wriggly tin from a fallen down agricultural barn, has the best view over the pond, is where you’ll find Petal & Feast girls eating lunch on a Friday and fits a surprising number of people. (We sat 30 for Christmas dinner). Our most multipurpose place, here is a list of things that it has been used for:

Daytime pay bar, 

Welcome drinks station, 

Pimp my Prosecco,


Buggy park,

Cosy evening hangout (log burner blazing),

Evening hot meal serving station (Mac and cheese anyone?),

Pudding stand, 

Cake stand, 

Pick & Mix shop, 

Photo Booth,

Glitter makeup studio, 

Somewhere warm to install granny/grandpa/baby in the evening,


Shelter from the rain, 

Shelter from the sun,

Shelter from the wind,

Guest book & card table, 

Ice cream bike shack,

Nappy changing,

Coat check, 

Changing room,

Band & photographer hideout,

Crèche zone – colouring books and Lego,

Birdwatching (duckling patrol?),

Projector screen house

What would you use it for?

The Camping Field.

Best dressed with lovely bell tents from Beautiful Bells, no one creates a perfect curve like them (but see our Beautiful Bells appreciation post here to read more about how great they are). If you and your guests fancy staying the night – it’s a short walk (stagger?) over the Rose Bridge to your beds at the end of the night and a great alternative to a hotel room. There are mown paths in the long meadow grass between the lawn and the orchard, so even if you aren’t campers it’s a lovely walk. We’ve also seen wheelbarrow races, welly wanging and a bird of prey show happening here. 

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