May 11, 2024

“Honestly, this wedding far surpassed all of our hopes and wishes and we have had, what we biasedly believe to be, the best wedding weekend going and we really must lay a lot of our gratitude at your door. You all clearly know what you’re doing and we must say that the organisation, whilst it was busy and intense towards the end, felt like not as big of a task as it might have in the hands of other wedding organisers/venues! We feel this was totally mirrored throughout the day and really was the vibe we were going for.

Also, we must congratulate you all on such triumphant flowers and food! It was all so delicious and everyone loved the relaxed atmos of the big canteen-style barn and big tables and buffet with such yummy food. And the flowers, from the little ones on the tables to the button holes to the flower arch and the bridal bouquet: they were all so beautiful and again, that rustic classical style was honestly exactly what we wanted.

We will treasure the day for the rest of our lives, so thank you for being an integral part of it.

All the best, Elliott + Rowena X

PS I stand by my decision to go and get more beers”

Elliot & Rowena came to us with a vision of a romantic summer wedding followed by a proper party. 

For the romance, armfuls of flowers; soft pinks, lilacs, whites, light blues. A floral arch in the ceremony barn – the most perfect backdrop for a ceremony. And a bouquet full of field grown Roses, Cosmos, Poppies, Foxgloves and Ammi along with Delphiniums, Clematis, Larkspur and Malope. Lots of heartfelt speeches. A song, sung by the groom.

The barn looked beautiful with flower chandeliers gently turning in the breeze and long banqueting tables dotted with stem vases and bottles of field grown specimens. 

Rowena had the perfect dress for a (really quite) windy day – lace petals fluttered in the breeze like confetti. Both Elliot and Rowena were smiling all day and looked just lovely.

A classic dinner of  barbeque and a big load of delicious salad was served from the bar,  followed by ice cream outside while they gave speeches.

For the party – a brilliant band! ‘The Herringbone Cocktail Club’ who had the dance floor filled all evening long, they played all the classics but with a twist and we thought they were great! We were all shimmying along behind the bar. There were chats and drinks around the fire bowl and lots of merry faces.

Such a fun day! Big thanks to Irene for again sharing her beautiful pictures with us, here is a link to her website..

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