photo from Ruby Roux Amber-Bom-Bamber, the flower in Petal & Feast’s hair crown. Practically Perfect in every way, if she wasn’t so bloody nice you might secretly vom a bit. So, without further a do here are 10 reasons we love Amber. 1. Amber loves flowers. We have a lovely time snipping, sorting and faffing. […]


March 23, 2015

On our recent-ish trip down to Devon with The Gang, for our inaugural Petal & Feast staff do , there were prizes, prizes for everyone as they all have their very own own super-powers. Amber won the prize for being Practically Perfect in Every Way, just like Mary Poppins. She is fun, oh so creative […]

I can’t tell you how many lists ‘get some food pics’ and ‘remember photos of the gang’ has been scrawled on. At weddings things are always too hectic to get round to it, we are lucky if in between doing things I remember to take the odd iPhone snap and instagram it. Luckily this whole […]