2024 Wedding Decor Excitement

February 3, 2024


“If ‘less’ is more, imagine how much more ‘more’ can be” – Flora Best aged about 7 yrs old

We are rubbing our little hands together with glee as design trends lean away from simple and minimalist and towards bigger, better and immersive floral installations. Overgrown bold floral arrangements, may queen flower crowns and expansive gorgeous bouquets have always been more our thing. We love the transformative power of filling a space with flowers. Whilst we are not really into the ‘wedding trends’ thing – these are right up our street.

Petal & Feast Flowers : Photo Nikki Shea Photography


Rather than settling for the basic options in glasses, cutlery and plates, we are beginning to see couples opting to splash out on certain items on their tables to create impact and tie their decor and colours together. Perhaps you can have our vintage china plates instead of plain white, cut glass wine glasses, fancy gold cutlery or illustrated menus laid out on each setting.

Menus: Amber Parton, Name Tags: Couples own, Photo: Irene Yap Weddings

Forget covering tables in loads of stuff for the sake of it. Thoughtfully choosing a few luxurious items creates a sophisticated and artful tablescape. Spending precious wedding budget on starchy white table cloths and napkins is OUT,  opting instead for bare tables with crinkled gauzy table runners and dyed linen vintage napkins. Twists of  silk ribbon tied onto hand written place cards are switched in instead of favours (which often end up unclaimed, on the floor an eventually in the bin). Injecting colour with fancy candles – elegantly tapered or twisted, perhaps striped in some tonal shades that peek out and add another layer to catch the eye. 

Illustrated menus & hand inked place names: Amber Parton

Menu: Amber Parton, Crockery: Petal and Feast, Photo: Elizabeth Ruby Photography


From softer pastels through to vibrant joyful brights – our couples are really leaning in to the seasonality of our home grown blooms. Opting in to broader colour palettes rather than more traditional whites and two tone bouquets. Think sweeping tones from the lightest blush to sexy dark pinks and reds with sprinklings of dark chocolate and pops of orange. Or armfuls of happy summer colour. Perhaps finished with some billowing silk ribbon to tie in to your tables… we approve! We love to use as many of our home grown flowers as we can – we can’t always promise and exact shade or variety – but working within a wider tonal range and having the trust of our couples to choose the best available gives us more freedom to create something amazing!


Our couples are more conscious of sustainability when planning their wedding.

From floral choices (you can’t get more locally sourced than our chemical free, ‘no-dig, home grown flowers), to choosing more environmentally friendly wedding decor – no single use plastic or baskets of throw away flip flops!

We are happily on board with this and focus on reusable materials and structures when creating our floral installations, no floral foam in sight! We love nothing more than sending a happy mother of the bride home with a boot full of flowers on a Sunday morning after their wedding, the rest is composted on site. And honestly we love nothing more than chatting about our no dig flower garden – growing in a super low impact way is really important to us!

Petal and Feast Flower Field: Photo by Jayne Sacco

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