The Wonderful Wedding of Jess and Pat

February 14, 2024

Jess & Pat were married on a gorgeous September day, under the apple trees in the Orchard, guests shading themselves under pretty parasols. 

“There really aren’t enough words to express our thanks for all of your hard work. The food was fabulous, the flowers an absolute dream, and you made the whole process wonderfully smooth. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day, and you were central to making that happen.”

They had spent the day before snipping and arranging flowers from DIY buckets of our field grown flowers. Plenty of Dahlias, Cosmos, Zinnia’s, Rudbeckia and Marigolds on the tables, putting out menus and table numbers illustrated with birds. Decorating and chatting – Pat casually popping home to fix the water heater in their newly renovated house so that Jess could have a bath when she got home – lovely boy.

Jess was so organised and it was brilliant – we had a seating plan including everyone’s dietary requirements, an itemised list of drinks they were supplying and filled every single form out exactly on time. 10/10 Jess – well done!

They had floral chandeliers and flowers above the bar, stuffed with gathered branches of Hazel & Oak, bright Dahlia’s, pale buttery Sunflowers, trailing Nasturtium and wafty Cosmos.

Big long tables held rows of hungry guests who were treated to a sit down meal with garlic bread (strewn with our homegrown edible petals) and dishes of Lamb Tagine, Spicy Vegetable Tagine, Ottolenghi Aubergine, Khyar Bi Laban and Cous Cous studded with jewel like pomegranate seeds. The sunlight poured in through both sets of barn doors, flung open to let in a breeze. 

After their meal, all the guests hung out on the lawn eating ice cream and playing games before some serious dancing while one of their friends DJ’d.

It was a brilliant day of festivity and we loved having you both.

Beautiful pictures from Elizabeth Ruby

Photos by the wonderful Elizabeth Ruby.

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